Song Composed By:   LarryLaliPuana Jones   Year:   2002   [Edit]  

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No Blue Under Hanalei Moon (Larry W Jones 06/24/2002) (song #008)

When I carved my X in the middle of Texas, 
I told Eileen she could buy that Lexus soon
We could roll back the roof and howl at the big yellow Texas moon
Sweet Eileen said your X is at the end of Tex
Saddle up now or YOUR end will be there too
So I kissed my horse and I sold my saddle 
Traded my boots for an outrigger paddle 
Dropped my anchor in a beautiful bay - Hanalei

Now I'm herdin' cows on Kauai, and here's what I have to say
Eileen can keep the Texas Luxus 'cause here it's a beautiful day
My boots are back in Texas but my cowboy hat is on to stay
My toes are hangin' ten off the board on the waves of Hanalei Bay. Yee-Ha!

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