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the one

Composed By: 2008 Go Aloha
Performed By: rebel souljahz
Submitted By: kau boi <>

idk some of the words soo sry..=)...(----..means to extend..longer the--..long you say it)

I've searched this whole wide world
to find my special girl, yeah--
who's kiss is ohh so sweet, heavenly
who's smile knocks me off my feet--
just the other day
i was hang wit my crew--
i saw this girl across the way
she was noticing me too--
an something in side to me to make my way to huuurrrr---

tell me could she bee the one---
 2nd person:tell me could she be the one
the one that my heart adores---
tell me could she be the one---
 2nd person:tell me could she be the one
the one that i been searching for----
 2nd person:the one i been searching for---(x2)

so lets hope that god will make
 2nd person:god will make
(harmonize)(oh---,oh-----..higher on the 2nd part)
you mine till the end of time, ohhh
my heart been searching for
the one i adore
who's eyes made me realize--
so make my dreams come true
and i will fall in love with you
thinking of that day will be together
and makin love that last forever
i just cant describe
how i feel inside
for huuuurrrr----

(repeat chours)........

so many feelings dat i have for a girl dat i adore
i'll be waiting for dat day she'll come knock'n on my door--
my eyes have always seen
together you an i will be 
livin life wit no regreting
perfect harmony-----

(note**idk the exact words he saying soo might be off litto bit)

slowly you an i will love 
we'll always be together
the only one that i could love
our love should last forever-------(start harmoninzing)ooooohhhhh, oooohhhhhh(litto higher note on 2nd part)
tell me could she be the one
(harmonize again)(exact same as 1st)
the one i been searching for------