Song Composed By:   LarryLaliPuana Jones   Year:   2002   [Edit]  

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     Oh Maui Boy           Comments:
Oh Maui Boy (Larry W Jones 07/10/2002) (song #018)

Oh Maui boy, ukuleles are calling  
Time and again, just as the evening tide  
The time has come, and all the girls are sighing 
It's you, it's you with whom their hearts reside 

Yes, sing again with strummer's songs of beauty  
And then the maiden's blush of love will show  
They'll love you there in Maui as the rainbows 
Oh Maui boy, oh Maui boy, they love you so 

And when you sing, then all the girls are sighing 
And for you lad, yes glad as they can be 
You'll sing your songs of love in lovely Maui 
And kiss the lips of Maui girls with glee 

Then you will hear, how soft the ukulele 
Brings back my dreams of days in old Maui 
So, sing a song to let all know the beauty 
A song o... 

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