Song Composed By:   LarryLaliPuana Jones   Year:   2002   [Edit]  

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     These Islands Love You Too           Comments:
These Islands Love You Too (Larry W Jones 06/27/2002) (song #010)

From the snows of Mauna Kea to the tropics down below
My love for all these islands runs deeper than you'll know
Your beauty is the diamonds that sparkle on the bays
When rays of golden moonbeams dance upon your waves

Islands are meant for dreamers and lovers from afar
Moonlit nights and starry lights to wish upon a star
Tonight I'll hold you in my arms and whisper I love you  
Islands sigh for dreamers and these islands love you too

From the mountains to the valleys and out beyoud the reef
I dream of Hawaii's islands where ohana love runs deep
Your beauty is the people who gathered to these shores
With dreams and love for islands and reef where oceans roar

Islands ... 

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