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     Slack Key Pickin Poi Finger Lickin           Comments:
Slack-Key Pickin Poi-Finger Lickin (Larry W Jones 06/08/2002) (song #005)

I heard a song about a slack-key Heaven and it sure did make me sad
So I went to a luau at Germaine's and for that I sure am glad
Cause, no such thing as a slack-key Heaven. Couldn't quite picture it anyhow 
No such luck. They all got stuck with their fingers in the poi at Germaine's luau

On the big stage was Gabby Pahinui and the Gabby Pahinui band
Slack-key pickin', Poi-finger lickin' and man did it sound grand!

They played Pu`uanahulu, Aloha Ka Manini, and Ipo Lei Manu too
Sons of Hawaii sang Kaua`i Beauty with the beauty of Ki ho'alu
The beauty of Ki ho'alu.

Heard soft and sweet mele, Pua Tuberose. Got a chill for what it's worth
There singing solo was t... 

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