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Puuanahulu Composed By: David Alapa'i Performed By: The Aloha Boys Submitted By: Jay Caragay <> Pu’uanahulu Composed by David Alapa’i A-D-E7 A D Nani wale Pu’uanahulu i ka ‘iu ‘iu E7 A E7 A ina pali kaulana pu’u kinikini Lu ‘ia mai lu ‘ia mai kou ‘oukou aloha E na manu ‘o ‘o hulu melemele Ua helu ‘ia na pu’u o Anahulu Kapa ‘ia ka inoa Pu’uanahulu Ha’ina ‘ia mai ana ka puana Kaulana kou inoa Pu’uanahulu Beautiful Pu’uanahulu in its’ lofty realm A land of cliffs famous for its’ many hills. Offer, give your love Oh You ‘o ‘o birds with yellow feathers. The hills of Anahulu have been counted And the name Pu’uanahulu is given. Tell the theme of my song Famous is your name Pu’uanahulu.
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