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Created by: Site Admin (12/18/2011)
Nanea Holo Malie Composed By: I don't know Performed By: Darren Benitez Submitted By: Bruddah Rob <> Nanea Holo Malie Chords C/F G7/C7 C/F C7/F7 Ua lana kamoku ike kai F/Bb C/F Ke kai ha uli meka malie G7/C7 C/F E ho’o haoli no makou F/Bb C/F G7/C7 C/F Ike kai ko’olau ea la ea Kamoku nui e holo malie E nanea ana na ho’o hua Na moku li’i li’i Lele ka moana Ike alanui hele o kapakipika Instrumental ina e hele oe make kai Mai poina oe kamoku nui E ho’o haoli no makou A e nani ahe sua maoli no Each verse is played twice but modulated to the chords on the right of each slash on the repeat. To all the kupuna out there: Please forgive me if any of the words are misspelled. I really love this song and don’t want to offend anyone with my lack of knowledge of the Hawaiian language. I would appreciate any submitted corrections. Mahalo
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