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La 'Elima Composed By: Elizabeth Kuahaia Performed By: IZ Submitted By: Russo <> Intro: G F C G7 C (bass B A) G7 C Csus C7 F (E+ F7)D7 D7sus D7 La `Elima O pe-pe lu-a li C G7 C G7 C Wa`i maka he`e nei I ke ala nui Hui C7 F C He nei pepe A la`a nei G7 (bass GF#F) C G7 C Csus E`ui ma e hele Kou lui kino C C7 F (E+ F7) D7 D7sus D7 Maiki pu olo A`a i ka lima C G7 C G7 C Ae maka hele he`e nui I ke ala nui Hui INSTRUMENTAL C7 F C He nei pepe A la`a nei G7 C C7 E`ui ma e hele Kou lui kino F C He nei pepe A la`a nei G7 C G7 C A7(6) E`ui ma e hele Kou lui kino D D7 G (F#+ G7)E7(9) Ha`ina `ia mai Ana ka pu-ana D A7 D G D Dsus D E mele he inoe No Miloli`i ________________________________________ I use octive lower 4th string on Ukelele Notes: ( ) optional bass lines, chords, fill-ins & fingering charts (E+ F7) or play bass line (E Eb) (F#+ G7) or play bass line (F# F) I'm not sure about using the aug chords. Hui 2nd line: you may add bass line BA E'ui Chords: X do not play, O play open string, numbers are frets Csus(suspended) X3XO11 0013 E+(augmented) X3211X 100(3) F7 131211 2310 F#+ X5433X (3)221 G7 353433 0212 A7 (0)02020 O1O0 A7(6) (0)02022 0120 D 222O 2225 during Dsus9 2237 instrumental D7 XOO212 2O20 D7sus XOO213 2030 Dsus XOO233 2230 E7 O201OO 1202 E9 020102 1222 Lyrics Source: Auntie Maria - Miloli`i (fine twist or small swirling) was a fishing village renowned for its sennit. May have been named for an expert sennit twister who lived there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~03.28.05 17:17:49 HST It's Ilima.. not Elima Me.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~07.14.05 05:35:28 HST `elima - five or five times. Hawaiian dictionary, Pukui/Elbert The fifth day of February Tears fell along the roadway Bags and bundles held tightly Tears fell along the roadway The babies cry Numbing to the body Tell the refrain A name song for Miloli`i Russo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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