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E O MAI KUU MILIMILI Composed By: N/A Performed By: HAPA Submitted By: Ka'ula <> E o mai ku'u milimili E o mai ku'u milimili Po'ai 'ia au i ke 'ala, O ka lei awapuhi laha 'oe. Houhou ka manawa, I ka hea o kou leo hea 'ia, I ka po nalonalo. E o mai ku'u milimili Uhi 'ia ke aka o ke aumoe, Huli au a loa'a, Ka nani o kou aloha pili pa'a Puana 'ia mai kau mele, 'Oline ke aloha kilipue, Ke aloha mau a mau, E o mai ku'u milimili Come to me, my darling, I am surrounded by the choicest fragrance of ginger My emotions are on the edge of the sound of your voice Calling for me in the dark night Respond to me my toy The shadows of night envelope and surround me And I turn to find the beauty of your love everlasting For you, This song of love A brillian ray of love as we embrace A love everlasting Respond, my darling
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